The need for eye glasses is more and more prevalent—it is estimated that up to half the population of the United States suffers from nearsightedness, or myopia, to some degree. Once you start factoring in the other conditions such as farsightedness, astigmatism and various diseases of the eye, it becomes obvious that eyeglasses are very important to a lot of us.

Crizal® Alizé®

Crizal® Alizé® lenses have set the standard for cleanability in No-Glare lenses.

Launched in early 2010, new and improved Crizal Alizé lenses are even easier to clean and stay that way longer than any other lens. That's because Crizal Alizé is stronger and smoother than ever before, which helps prevent oil, water and smudges from sticking, so you can enjoy incredibly clear vision every day. The enhanced cleanability of Crizal Alizé lenses is enabled by Essilor's exclusive High Surface Density™ (HSD) Process so your glasses stay smudge-free.

In addition to incorporating a double-sided integrated hard coat which resists scratches to withstand life's daily wear, New and Improved Crizal Alizé lenses are now:

  • Easier to Clean - Unmatched by the competition
  • Smoother - So oil, water and smudges easily wipe away
  • Stronger - So the lens surface remains clean even after 20,000 cleanings

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Varilux Physio 2.0
Progressive Lenses

Becoming presbyopic is not easy. For starters, it usually means that you’ve hit 40, which always takes a while to digest. And there are times when you wish you could press a button to brighten up colours and enhance details. To make your life more colourful and full of details at all times of day, Varilux has introduced Varilux Physio 2.0.

With Varilux Physio 2.0, see sharper, see wider, enjoy contrast anytime. This is clinically-tested, Varilux Physio 2.0 lenses ensure contrast sensitivity superior to any PAL lens on the market, surpassing even Varilux Physio! Varilux Physio 2.0 works with any prescription and adjusts to every type of frame, even the skinny ones you like so much.

For better-than-ever High Resolution Vision with progressive lenses, seeing is believing with Varilux Physio 2.0.

Transitions Lenses:
The Smart Choice

Transitions Lenses automatically adjust to changing light, becoming as dark as sunglasses when necessary. They provide convenient protection from several types of glare, including the kind that can seriously diminish vision. In sunlight, mid-light or indoors, they're idea for your everyday lenses.

Transitions Lenses Also Help Protect Your Kids' Eyes

Though everybody needs eye protection, kids are especially vulnerable because they spend more time outdoors and their eyes are more sensitive to UV rays. In fact, 80% of lifetime sun exposure occurs before age 18, so the sooner you reduce the risks, the better. Transitions Lenses are also available in shatter-resistant materials for added safety.